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Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting

Let me handle all of your daily bookkeeping, financial reporting, payroll, and other accounting tasks. My expertise allows you to outsource these crucial functions cost-effectively.


I can compile your financial records, accounts, and other data into standard or customized reports and statements for better financial visibility.


Tax Services

Individual Tax Services

I prepare comprehensive personal income tax returns for individuals and families to help maximize deductions, credits, and refunds you qualify for while ensuring compliance with the latest IRS rules and regulations. My tax expertise keeps you updated on changes to tax codes and helps you take advantage of every savings opportunity. The goal is minimizing your tax liability and getting you the highest refund possible.

Corporate & Partnership Tax Services

I handle corporate, partnership, LLC, and other business tax returns, filings, and planning to legally minimize your firm’s local, state, and federal tax liability. My services help optimize after-tax income for your business. I stay up-to-date on the latest tax codes to identify all allowable deductions and credits to reduce your tax burden. My expertise manages all of your business’ complex tax needs.

Estate & Trust Tax Services

I provide comprehensive estate and trust tax preparation and advisory services, helping you develop and implement tax-efficient wealth transition strategies. This involves minimizing taxes on inheritances and transfers according to current inheritance tax laws. My services cover everything from wills and trusts to beneficiary payout planning and estate liquidation. I help mitigate tax liabilities for your heirs.


Financial Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions

I provide financial analysis and valuation guidance to help negotiate fair terms for mergers, acquisitions, or sales of your business. My advice maximizes deal value and ensures financial interests are protected.

Financial Crisis

If your business faces cash flow issues, excessive debt, or other financial crises, I can assess the situation and develop an action plan to improve the finances through debt restructuring, cost reduction, raising capital, or revenue growth strategies.

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